I have been blessed to be married to the same lovely, godly lady for 17 years now. She has been an inspiration and a joy for me and certainly has provided comfort, encouragement, and godly admonition when needed. I truly love her tremendously and I am grateful to God for her. She is one of the two most significant ladies in my life (no, the virgin Mary is not the other) and I realize her significance in this world, as a wife and as a fellow Christian. My gratefulness is to the Lord for blessing our union.

I see my wife as God sees her. She was created by God in His image, and is a unique individual. She possesses her own mind and volition (as Eve demonstrated, Genesis 3:3-8). She is not inferior to me as a woman; rather she is of equal value to God as I am–-created in His image (Gen. 1:26-27). She is not my slave and I am not her master. She helps to meet what is lacking, evidencing that I am incomplete without her. When she is gone, I am not the same. My life is occupied with pleasing God and pleasing her and without her around I am only doing half my duty.


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