Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation II: Who Calls the Plays?

Our previous discussion was on the improper system of practicing sanctification or drawing closer to God as taught through the paradigm of spiritual formation. Spiritual Formation is a system that is not going away anytime soon and it is good for us to carefully examine it and at least be aware of it. This is a deceptive method and as one noted Christian apologist said:

“Deceptions that do not work have a short shelf-life” (Bob DeWaay).

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Illegal Procedure: Spiritual Formation

referee-falsestart  As the various winds of false doctrines continue to blow over the religious landscape, many false religions have been birthed through apostate Christianity (kind of an oxymoron but we will use it for now). Or better yet, many who claimed to have a rich or fresh understanding of God, believed their approach was more accurate. They had the “answer” to who God was and how to gain access to Him. We are certainly not unaware of these problems. From Islam to Mormonism, and everything in between, false religions have an all to common denominator––personal experience above the historical reliability of Scripture.

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